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    Snowden is a former employee of the National Security Agency. He is responsible for the largest in US history, the most leak secret information about the activities of all intelligence services.

    American for several years hiding from the US authorities in Russia, the Kremlin had it delivered, would have been sentenced to life imprisonment or threaten him even the death penalty for treason. Meanwhile, thanks to the Snowden world learned about this, with everyone realized, but by the end they did not believe.

    Well, the US government adopted and further applies a permanent surveillance of not only the citizens of the country, but also works virtually anywhere in the world. Spying takes place on many levels, and using the most advanced technologies, which only arose.

    Edward Snowden revealed too many secrets of the US authorities. Joe Rogan recently inquired of him what he knows about alien civilizations. Given that he had access to the most secret data of all the US intelligence services, as no one else can we shed some more light on this very interesting question. Former NSA employee revealed that he sought only where the information could contact alien civilizations with the US government. It turns out that nowhere found no such data.

    "I know, Joe, I know you would like to aliens existed. I know that Neil deGrasse Tyson really wants it. And probably, are not they? I had unlimited access to the NSA, the CIA, the military and all those services. I found nothing on the subject. So if such information is hidden somewhere, it is damn well hidden, even from people who should have access to them. "- said Snowden.

    Snowden believes that the US government does not have such information and never had contact with the existing civilizations, but it is also certain that aliens exist, but do not have contact with anyone from our planet. Interestingly, also believes that observed in different parts of the world unidentified flying objects are the origin of the Earth, and besides unknown to us yet atmospheric phenomena, we are also dealing with an extremely advanced vehicles flying that belong to the major powers and are not used to clashes military .