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    "5 Centimeters Per Second" is the anime belongs to the genre of drama and romance, which never is not unduly interested. I have more pleasure in the stories about the world of magic and supernatural phenomena, where you can meet vampires, dragons and other similar creatures. However, given that this is the work of Makoto Shinkaiego, master and virtuoso image, I decided to read it. Maybe I’ll start from what is most characteristic of this production and of which she is best known, namely the mark. If I had to define it in one word, I would not hesitate to say perfect. In my life I watched a lot of anime better or worse visual side, however, the "5 centimeters" as for me, beats them all. Each scene is made with extreme attention to detail, here is a wonderful play of light and shadow. Ordinary scene traveling by train or street view are a real treat for the eyes, watching the movie with subtitles I had a serious dilemma, focus on reading or admiring the picture.

    It is impossible to describe the end of the words, you have to just see. If I had to fault the visual side, it could be an animation characters, in some moments of their appearance is very simplified, which contrasts with the rest. Going forward, I might add, that in some moments I experienced deja vu, some shots strikingly similar to a scene from another production Makoto, "The Promised place". Despite these minor nuances and so I was not disappointed in this regard on its production. Music, though nothing special stands out, but it fits well with the image. For the pros, you can include the final track (Masayoshi Yamazaki, "He more time, one more chance"), which perfectly captures the atmosphere of the whole. Not bad show also ambient noise in a second episode can hear the song characteristic cicadas, which together with the presented image at this time may bring to mind "Higurashi". I think there is nothing much to dwell on this aspect, because the jet is more important, what we see. The plot, if you can call it, looks very badly. In fact, it may seem that it is only a pretext to show the viewer a series of stunning images. Those who know the works of Makoto Shinkai from other production in this aspect may be severely disappointed. "5 centimeters" compared to other films do not have much to offer.

    All three episodes making up the movie, based on a single thread, impossible to meet love. Dominates the climate of melancholy and nostalgia, often fall questions about the meaning of life and love. But the simplicity of the plot is a disadvantage? Me personally, in this case does not mind. The characters have little to showcase their behaviors are schematic, and less expressive personality. Interestingly, in addition to the main characters, other characters appear only episodic. The film, however, creates a unique atmosphere that makes him eager to get back, this is not the production of type: to see and forget. The image is recommendable all fans of anime. It is true that people who watched "She and her cat," "Voices of a Distant Star" and "The Promised Place", will not see anything new here, but I take a look at the work of the new master Makoto Shinkaiego. .