• Stokes Skinner posted an update 5 days, 12 hours ago

    Has become. Cinemas bursting at the seams, mad children, parents rejuvenate 20 years. Mascots, coloring books, T-shirts and other merchandise have their five minutes. After four years of waiting came the second "Ice Age" – the most anticipated "fabulous" continuation, not counting the "Shrek". It is a green ogre adventure are widely regarded as the best full-length fairy tale. Second place is not a threat held the first "Ice …", but soon hierarchy may change. Hardly anyone expected because the second part can overtake a prototype. Anticipating some facts, I will say that was better.

    Sport, which served to viewers can safely be called the front! Great verbal humor and brilliant exploits Scrat (situational humor) dominate so much that it is difficult not to forget what’s going on in the body … The latter, however, should not be to complicated. For the same plot synopsis enough subtitle of the film "Meltdown". If anyone had ever witnessed a thaw, he knows of the problem or binds.

    Blowjob and blowing snow melts and falls to us to assume – speaking Silesia – gumioki. As our little ones that cartoon characters do not have a currency that will allow them to acquire the necessary rubber boots, they are forced to wander. Valley, where they live, will soon be flooded, so all the animals burn to escape – begins a race against time. Wyplosz Sid, Manny the mammoth, Diego the tiger and it was the previous team of special tasks. In the talon three main characters doczłapie opuses, two of which are very small and specifically szurnięte, and one is about three meters and resembles a mammoth. The rest of the cast aptly complemented by various creatures, which happens to blurt out some funny story or important sentence. Fairytale scheme road movie, and this time proved to be correct.

    I mean, how can you show interesting adventure, if not by the journey, and encountering adversity. And so it was not too clear, the thaw is not the only threat to the flock moving. Do not march the man lives, so the opportunity to demonstrate wit and cleverness we will have many gang.

    Manny basins in existential problems, Sid eventually compete for a pinch of respect, while Diego will face his fear. Mali novices will mostly deal with the departure of fun, and their more representative inevitably wiser. But all this important medium, and it does not stand comparison with the overground humor, which "flooded" us filmmakers (with specami of dubbing inclusive).

    Great dialogues, which leads the mainly Sid (master’s Claw) and two czaderskie opuses. Their gestures, a native of films about "niggers" just pushes away the legs! Even the grim and sober Diego began biting humor, which only came to him for good. For dessert I left for the tireless performances Scrat. What is up poor little thing to get his beloved acorn, will go to the history of cinema. In the second "Age of …" his "inserts: they are even more disarming and no way to keep the seriousness of their viewing. The ingenuity of this form wizards knows no boundaries, and may serve as an example crowning scene of the movie. Not just last team, but the whole fable maintains a very nice level of entertainment.

    Despite the economical landscape, character created are perfect, and the appearance of contracture often in the corners of the mouth. Adding to this sophisticated things I have to say created an explosive mix (laughter). The only thing that could still be improved significantly, is the music. Played pieces somehow flashed unnoticed and thus can not be compared, for example, with sensational music from "Shrek." "Ice Age 2" as a whole, far in such a comparison is not at a disadvantage.

    Maybe it is not yet ideal, but notes dream not much missing. As for me, better than the two singles, but still worse than liderującego "Shrek."

    You can see that sometimes you need to do to continue. Despite all this marketing weapon coating film itself, because it is simply great fun for both kids (even the youngest), and adults (even those smart). Profits artists will be huge, so watching inevitable, seems to be the third part, it behooves us to wait until the water freezes again, or dry, that there was a drought ..