ClickBank"How to Effectively Use ClickBank Tracking: A Comprehensive Guide"

"How to Effectively Use ClickBank Tracking: A Comprehensive Guide"

ClickBank is a prominent online retailer and an international leader in performance marketing and digital content selling. ClickBank serves entrepreneurs and product creators, alongside assisting marketers in developing their commercial activities. For a profitable venture in the digital market, it’s essential to understand how to effectively use ClickBank’s tracking tools.

What is ClickBank Tracking?

ClickBank Tracking refers to a system of tools that ClickBank provides for vendors and affiliates to monitor sales conversions, analyzing customer behavior, tracking clicks, and fine-turning sales strategies. It’s crucial in digital marketing as it offers insight into the performance of promoted products.

Setting Up ClickBank Tracking

To set up tracking, the first vital step involves generating a ‘Tracking ID’. The ID will tie every purchase to the respective marketing campaign, enabling you to check which campaigns are performing best. Creating a Tracking ID is a straightforward process. After you click ‘Create’ in your account’s ‘Tracking ID’ section, enter a unique name for it, up to 24 characters.

Utilizing ClickBank’s Tracking ID

Once you’ve set up a unique Tracking ID, append it to a regular HopLink URL to monitor the traffic from the specific promotion. For instance, if your HopLink URL is ‘ ’ and your tracking ID is ‘FacebookAds’, then your new HopLink URL becomes ‘’.

Analytic Reports

ClickBank provides a variety of reports that help in tracking your marketing endeavours. Transaction reports display details of every transaction, while Analytics reports provides conversion rates and sales amounts related data. You can select specific dates or Search by different criteria to dig deeper.

Promoting Products with Tracking IDs

After setting up a Tracking ID, use it when promoting your products. You can have different tracking IDs for different promotional channels. Doing this will allow you to identify which promotional campaigns are providing the most ROI.


ClickBank offers a robust platform for digital entrepreneurs to not only promote and sell products but also track and analyze their marketing campaigns. Effective use of ClickBank’s tracking tools not only provides insight into customer behaviour, but also the ability to maximize returns by focusing on successful strategies. It is about understanding what is working and making it even better.


  • Q: How to create a ClickBank tracking ID?

    A: From your ClickBank account, click on the ‘Tracking ID’ section and hit ‘Create’. Then, put a unique name for the ID up to 24 characters.

  • Q: How many tracking IDs can I create on ClickBank?

    A: There’s no limit. You can create as many tracking IDs as you want.

  • Q: Can I use the same tracking ID for different promotional campaigns?

    A: It’s better to use different Tracking IDs for different campaigns so you can individually track their performances.

  • Q: How accurate is ClickBank’s tracking?

    A: It is usually quite accurate. However, like any tracking tool, discrepancies can occur due to customer behaviour, browser settings, etc.

  • Q: What kind of data can I obtain with ClickBank tracking?

    A: With ClickBank tracking, you can obtain data about clicks, conversions, customer behaviour, refunds, chargebacks, and much more.

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