ClickBank"Maximizing Earnings with ClickBank Gravity"

"Maximizing Earnings with ClickBank Gravity"

ClickBank is a renowned platform that provides an environment for vendors selling digital products, and an excellent opportunity for affiliates who endorse and sell these products to make money. But, to maximize earnings as an affiliate in ClickBank, you must understand concepts such as ‘gravity’. This article provides comprehensive insight on maximizing earnings with ClickBank Gravity.

Understanding ClickBank Gravity

Gravity in ClickBank parlance is a performance score given to a product based on how many affiliates have been able to successfully sell that product over a specific period. The score is cumulative and provides a viable indication of how a product is likely to perform for new affiliates. Gravity scores range from 0 to 1000+, but for a majority of products, scores fall between 0 and 100.

Interpreting Gravity Scores

The higher the gravity score, the more popular a product is among affiliates. This generally implies that the product has a proven track record of selling well. A high gravity score could mean that the product is promoted efficiently by the vendors with appropriate sales and marketing materials that assisted affiliates in making a sale.

Nonetheless, a high gravity score product is not always the best choice for affiliates – particularly the new ones. A successful product implies stiff competition, challenging new entrants’ ability to convert. On the other hand, products with a low gravity score suggest less competition but perhaps, fewer chances of making a sale.

Selecting Products Based on Gravity

An optimal approach to select products is to balance between a product’s gravity and its potential to generate earnings. A strategy could be to focus on products with moderate gravity scores, which means they have a track record of sales and somewhat less competition. It’s also crucial to consider factors like the product’s niche, customer reviews and ratings.

Maximizing Earnings with ClickBank Gravity

Maximizing earnings with ClickBank gravity involves more than just picking the product with the highest gravity score. It involves finding a balance between high and medium gravity products to maintain a steady stream of income. Low gravity products with great potential can also be considered, particularly when they are in less competitive niches.

A winning strategy might incorporate promoting a mix of products. Promote some high gravity products that are popular and have a good track record. However, also promote some medium gravity products that have lesser competition but a fair track record. In addition, identifying and exploiting low gravity evolving products can lead to a large profit.

Besides selecting products, other factors like affiliate marketing tactics, building trust with your audience, content marketing strategies, and conversion rate optimization also play a crucial role in maximizing earnings.


Maximizing earnings with ClickBank gravity is, thus, a game of understanding, choice and balance. While gravity is an essential metric in product selection, not relying on it solely, recognizing product potential based on competition, niche, and performance are equally important. Furthermore, employing effective marketing strategies and building trust among your audience are fundamental to achieve a steady income stream with ClickBank.


1. What is ClickBank gravity?

ClickBank gravity is a score given to each product to indicate its sales performance based on how many affiliates successfully sold the product recently.

2. Does a high gravity score always mean a better opportunity?

No. A high gravity score means more competition among affiliates. New affiliates may struggle to convert sales because of this.

3. Is focusing only on ClickBank gravity enough?

Although choosing products based on gravity is an essential aspect, considering other factors like niche, competition and the quality of the product is also necessary to maximize earnings.

4. How can I maximize my earnings with ClickBank gravity?

You can maximize your earnings by promoting a mix of high, medium and low gravity products and incorporating effective marketing strategies.

5. Is it beneficial to promote low gravity products?

Low gravity generally means less competition but lower sales as well. However, if the product is quality and you trust its potential, promoting low gravity products can fetch significant profits.

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