ClickBank"The Ultimate Guide to ClickBank Gravity"

"The Ultimate Guide to ClickBank Gravity"

For anyone looking to venture into affiliate marketing, ClickBank is one of the most familiar platforms. What makes it a favorite among many newcomers and seasoned marketers alike is its simplicity and its plethora of products available for promotion. As part of your ClickBank journey, understanding the gravity of a product becomes paramount in making the best decision for your marketing efforts. So, what is ClickBank gravity, and why is it so important?

Understanding ClickBank Gravity

ClickBank’s gravity score measures how many affiliates have successfully sold a product within a certain time frame, typically in the past 12 weeks. It’s a key indicator of how well a product is selling or its popularity among affiliates. However, while a high gravity score may suggest a product is popular, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a quality product.:

Interpreting Gravity Scores

A product’s gravity score can range from 0 to over 100. A high gravity score indicates a high number of affiliates have made sales from promoting the product, suggesting it’s a popular product with proven success. On the other side, a low gravity score indicates fewer affiliates have made sales promoting it. It may mean the product is not as popular or well-known, but it doesn’t necessarily point to its quality or its potential for success.

The Significance of Gravity Score

Gravity score provides insight into competition and potential earnings. High gravity score means more competition as many affiliates are selling the same product. Although high-competition products may result in fewer sales due to the increased competition, they tend to attract more consumers, thus increasing chances of making a sale. On the other hand, low gravity score indicates less competition, yet they have lower visibility and traffic.

Strike a Balance

A high gravity score isn’t always the best. Sometimes mid-range gravity scores between 20 and 50 can be the sweet spot. These products have a proven sales history yet are not as saturated with competition. They can provide the perfect balance between profit and competition.


In conclusion, understanding ClickBank’s gravity score is crucial if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing. While it can give information about competition and potential earnings, it should not be the only factor in choosing a product to promote. Always consider the product’s quality and relevancy to your target audience. Remember to find a balance between competition and profit potential.


  • What is a good gravity score on ClickBank? – There’s no definitive answer to this as it depends on your preferences as an affiliate. Some affiliates prefer high gravity scores for high potential earnings, while others prefer low scores due to less competition.
  • Can a product with a gravity score of 0 still be a good product to promote? – Yes, a zero gravity score means no affiliate has made a sale in the last 12 weeks, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the product is bad or can’t be sold.
  • Do low gravity scores mean the product is of low quality? – Not necessarily. A low gravity score only indicates fewer affiliates have sold the product, not necessarily about its quality.
  • How often is the gravity score updated? – Gravity score on ClickBank is updated approximately every 24 hours.
  • Is a product with a high gravity score always profitable? – Not always. While a high gravity score means many affiliates have successfully sold the product, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll enjoy the same success.

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