ClickBank"Understanding the Importance of ClickBank Gravity"

"Understanding the Importance of ClickBank Gravity"

ClickBank, a leading global retailer and affiliate marketplace, plays a crucial role in the world of affiliate marketing. The platform prides itself on being able to provide a platform for online entrepreneurs, advertisers, and product creators to promote and retail their products.

One of the distinctive features of ClickBank is its Gravity Score. The Gravity Score is essentially an indicator of a product’s recent sales performance and popularity among affiliate marketers. To truly grasp how to take full advantage of ClickBank’s platform, understanding and interpreting the gravity score is of paramount importance.

Understanding ClickBank Gravity

The “Gravity” on ClickBank is a unique measurement compiled by ClickBank to indicate the number of affiliates who have made a commission by promoting a particular product within the platform over a recent period (around twelve weeks).

Essentially, the Gravity score quantifies the product’s success and acceptance in the affiliate community and the market. It helps new affiliates to discern what is currently popular and potentially profitable. However, a high gravity score does not unequivocally guarantee high profitability. There are other metrics and aspects to consider in the grand schema of product viability, such as commission rates, refund rates, and cost per conversion.

The Importance of Gravity

The importance of ClickBank Gravity lies in its ability to guide affiliate marketers about the products that are currently in demand and prove successful in terms of sales. This ultimately aids them in making informed decisions about promoting a product.

A high gravity score implies that many affiliates are promoting the product and making sales, indicating a likely high demand and a warm market. On the other hand, this could also mean a saturated market with intense competition.

Alternatively, a low gravity score might indicate fewer affiliates successfully selling the product. However, it could also mean less competition, hinting at a potential gap in the market.

Interpreting Gravity Scores

ClickBank’s Gravity Score is not an end-all-be-all metric. A balanced perspective is needed when viewing the Gravity score. This means evaluating other determinants of a successful promotional venture such as looking at a product’s longevity within the marketplace, refund rates, how the product’s pitch page is laid out, and if it actually delivers on its promises, among other factors.

Picking a product with a high Gravity score without considering the above-mentioned factors might lead to a saturated and competitive market where distinguishing yourself could be a stretch, thus affecting your profits adversely.


Gravity Score in ClickBank is a vital tool that can shed light on a product’s popularity and profitability potential. However, it shouldn’t be considered in isolation. Other elements like the product’s quality, its relevance to your target audience, potential competition, and your own marketing skills should be factored in. Hence, while Gravity Score is a valuable tool, the key to successful affiliate marketing lies in understanding everything that encompasses the product you choose to market.


1. What is ClickBank?

ClickBank is a global online retailer and affiliate marketplace that deals with both physical and digital products.
2. What is ClickBank Gravity?

ClickBank Gravity is a measurement score indicating the number of different affiliates who have earned a commission by promoting a particular product over a period of time.
3. Why is Gravity significant?

Gravity Score assists affiliate marketers in identifying which products are currently popular and could be profitable to promote.
4. Does a high Gravity score guarantee profitability?

Not necessarily. Recalling that a high Gravity score also means many successful affiliates, it might imply high competition. Therefore, other factors like potential competition, the product’s quality and relevance to your audience should also be considered.
5. What is a good Gravity score?

There is no universal “good” gravity score. What matters is how the measurement aligns with your overall affiliate marketing strategy and objectives.

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