ShareASale"Maximizing Benefits from the ShareASale Tracking System"

"Maximizing Benefits from the ShareASale Tracking System"

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that’s been in operation for over two decades. It has a solid reputation amongst advertisers and publishers alike, providing a platform that facilitates the running of both parties’ affiliate marketing campaigns. One of the main features that make ShareASale stand out is its tracking system. It’s designed to make the tracking process seamless, ensuring that marketers stay informed about their performance in real-time.

Understanding the ShareASale Tracking System

ShareASale’s tracking system works through cookies and pixels to monitor affiliate link clicks and conversions. The tracking cookies have a 60-day lifespan, ensuring that any conversions made within that timeframe are attributed to the affiliate. This gives marketers enough time to claim their commissions if the conversions happen later.

Moreover, the ShareASale tracking pixel is installed on the merchant’s website confirmation page. It works to track successful transactions, distinguishing between various factors such as the page the buyer came from, the time the purchase was made, and the exact product that was bought.

Maximizing Benefits from the ShareASale Tracking System

Leveraging ShareASale’s tracking system can increase efficiency, data accuracy, and revenue. Here are a few ways you can maximize the benefits of this powerful tool:

  • Optimize Your Affiliate Links: Make sure to have your affiliate links properly placed on your website. By doing so, you ensure that the ShareASale tracking system accurately records each click and conversion.
  • Leverage the Extended Cookie Life: With a cookie lifespan of 60 days, you can keep earning commissions long after a customer has clicked your link. Use follow-up email sequences and retargeting to continue to engage with your audience.
  • Make Good Use of the Reporting Features: ShareASale provides detailed reports that can help you analyze your performance, understand trends, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Check for Error Messages: ShareASale’s tracking system shows error messages that can be crucial in identifying problems affecting your performance. Keep an eye on these to rectify issues promptly.


The ShareASale tracking system is a powerful tool that can significantly streamline your affiliate marketing efforts. Optimizing your affiliate links, leveraging the extended cookie life, making use of the detailed reporting features, and keeping a keen eye on error messages can make a significant difference in maximizing the benefits this system offers. Embrace these strategies, and you are set to increase your efficiency and profitability in affiliate marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the ShareASale Tracking System?

    ShareASale’s tracking system is a technology that accurately records and reports all actions taken on affiliate links. It includes tracking clicks, conversions, and error messages.

  • How long do cookies last in ShareASale?

    Cookies in the ShareASale tracking system last for 60 days.

  • How can I maximize benefits from the ShareASale Tracking System?

    You can maximize benefits from the ShareASale tracking system by optimizing your affiliate links, leveraging the 60-day cookie life, making good use of the reporting features, and checking for error messages.

  • Does ShareASale provide any reports?

    Yes, ShareASale provides detailed reports on your performance, which can help you in decision-making.

  • What is the role of the ShareASale tracking pixel?

    The ShareASale tracking pixel is installed on the merchant’s confirmation page to track successful transactions.

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