ShareASale"ShareASale Commission Rates: A Comparative Analysis"

"ShareASale Commission Rates: A Comparative Analysis"

ShareASale, as a prominent affiliate network, plays a significant role in the global e-commerce industry. This platform connects vendors with affiliates, who promote the vendors’ products and earn a commission in return. This article embarks on an in-depth comparative analysis of ShareASale’s commission rates, focusing on how these rates stack up against other industry players.

A Brief Overview of ShareASale

Founded in 2000, ShareASale boasts over 7000 merchants and more than a million affiliates. It dispenses a plethora of products and services, characterized by competitive commission rates, varying from 5%-30%, depending on the campaign and the merchant.

The Commissions: A Comparative Analysis

To fully appreciate ShareASale’s commission rates, it is imperative to compare them with other affiliate networks. Such networks include Commission Junction (CJ), ClickBank, Amazon Associates, and Rakuten LinkShare.

ShareASale Vs. Commission Junction

Compared to Commission Junction (CJ), ShareASale offers a more merchant-friendly system. While CJ charges $3,000 for network access apart from other costs, ShareASale’s network access fee is only $550. From an affiliate’s perspective, both platforms offer comparable commission rates, albeit with ShareASale sometimes providing slightly higher rates.

ShareASale Vs. ClickBank

ClickBank and ShareASale, both have their merits and shortcomings. ClickBank specializes in digital products and offers relatively high commission rates of up to 75%. In contrast, ShareASale’s 5-30% commission range may seem less enticing. However, ShareASale’s diverse product portfolio, coupled with its robust and inclusive network, often outweigh the lures of ClickBank’s high-yield offers.

ShareASale Vs. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates enjoys unrivaled popularity among affiliates, largely due to Amazon’s ubiquitous presence in e-commerce. Although Amazon’s commission rates, typically ranging from 1-10%, are lower than ShareASale’s, the latter cannot compete with Amazon’s extensive product selection and established reputation. However, given Amazon’s recent commission cuts, ShareASale emerges as a more lucrative option for many affiliates.

ShareASale Vs. Rakuten LinkShare

Rakuten LinkShare offers a personalised control panel with a slight edge over ShareASale. However, in terms of commission rates, ShareASale fares better. Rakuten’s commission rates generally hover around the 5-20% mark, which is lower than ShareASale’s average.


ShareASale holds its own in the competitive affiliate industry due to its credible platform and above-average commission rates. While other networks might offer higher rates or more extensive product ranges, ShareASale’s balanced approach between reasonable rates and diverse product selection make it a favorable choice for many affiliates and merchants alike.


  1. What commission rates does ShareASale offer?

    ShareASale typically offers commission rates between 5% and 30%, depending on the merchant and the campaign.

  2. How does ShareASale’s commission compare with other platforms?

    Compared to other platforms like Amazon Associates, ClickBank, and Commission Junction, ShareASale often offers superior or comparable commission rates.

  3. Does ShareASale only offer percentage-based commission?

    No, ShareASale offers both percentage-based commissions and flat rate commissions. The type of commission depends on the merchant’s preference.

  4. Is ShareASale a good platform for beginner affiliates?

    Yes, ShareASale’s user-friendly interface, diverse range of products, and competitive commission rates make it a great choice for beginners in affiliate marketing.

  5. Do the commission rates vary greatly between different merchants on ShareASale?

    Yes, commission rates can vary significantly depending on the merchant. Therefore, it’s important for affiliates to research and choose their partnerships wisely

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