ShareASale"Understanding the Basics of ShareASale Affiliate Marketing"

"Understanding the Basics of ShareASale Affiliate Marketing"

ShareASale Affiliate Marketing is one of the prevailing performance marketing programs, which provides customers with a wide variety of tools to track and assess their promotional functionality. Affiliate marketing gives users the ability to earn commissions from marketing another company’s products or services. As such, it becomes quintessential to understand its basics, comprehend how it functions, and perceive how it can prove beneficial for potential users.

What is ShareASale?

The ShareASale company is one of the most reputable affiliate marketing networks with over 20 years of experience in the industry. ShareASale serves as the conduit between merchants and affiliates, providing the technological foundation to track, report, and make payments related to affiliate marketing efforts. Currently, it incorporates more than 4,000 merchants offering different types of products and services. Hence, the network has diverse options for both affiliates and merchants in various niches.

How Does ShareASale Work?

ShareASale works by providing an online platform where merchants can list their products or services and affiliates can choose what they want to promote. When an affiliate marketer promotes a product or service listed on ShareASale and it results in a sale, the merchant pays the affiliate a commission. The rate of commission can vary greatly, depending on the product or service being promoted, the individual merchant’s affiliate terms, and the specific agreement between ShareASale and the merchant.

Why Choose ShareASale?

ShareASale offers several benefits to both affiliates and merchants. Affiliates can enjoy a vast assortment of products and services to promote, fair commission rates, reliable tracking and reporting, regular commission payments, and a user-friendly platform. On the other hand, merchants gain access to a large pool of skilled affiliates, reliable tracking and reporting, and customer service support.

Getting Started with ShareASale Affiliate Marketing

To get started, you’ll need to join the ShareASale affiliate network. Once you are accepted as an affiliate, you can browse through the list of merchants, their products and services, and choose the one that suits your target audience. The selected products or services can then be promoted on your blog, website, or any online platform.

Another crucial aspect is to be conscious of strategies for successful affiliate marketing. It is recommended to promote products or services which are relevant to your audience, use a mix of marketing strategies, consistently analyze and improve your strategies, and maintain regular communication with your chosen merchants.


Whether you are considering affiliate marketing as a supplementary income stream or planning to rely on it solely, the ShareASale affiliate marketing network is a standout choice. It provides an easy platform to commence affiliate marketing, a reputable and reliable management system, and a broad array of affiliate programs to choose from. Modifying your strategies with continuous learning and evolving according to industry trends will help you thrive in the ShareASale network, and in affiliate marketing broadly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ShareASale free for affiliates?

Yes, it is free to join ShareASale as an affiliate, but they require a one-time minimal fee from merchants to join their network.

2. How often does ShareASale pay commissions?

ShareASale pays commissions monthly, provided your account balance meets the minimum payout threshold. Separately, any transaction must be cleared by the Merchant.

3. Can I use ShareASale outside the US?

Yes, ShareASale accepts international affiliates as long as related tax forms are completed.

4. What type of products and services can I promote on ShareASale?

ShareASale hosts a vast range of products and services to promote in various categories. Whether you’re interested in fashion, home goods, gardening, or business services, you will likely find a relevant affiliate program on ShareASale.

5. Can I communicate directly with the merchants on ShareASale?

Yes, once an affiliate, you will have the ability to communicate directly with merchants about their specific affiliate programs.

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