Walmart Affiliates"A Comprehensive Guide to Walmart's Clothing Brands"

"A Comprehensive Guide to Walmart’s Clothing Brands"

Walmart is widely recognized as a trusted retailer with a varied product offering. Apart from household items, electronics, and food, it also boasts an impressive lineup of affordable and trendy clothing brands. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore some of the top clothing brands available at Walmart.


George is one of the most popular clothing brands available at Walmart. Known for its stylish designs and exceptional quality, George offers a wide range of clothing for men, women, and children. Whether you are looking for casual wear, formal clothing, or trendy seasonal pieces, George has you covered.

Terra & Sky

With a focus on plus-sized women’s clothes, Terra & Sky is known for delivering comfort and style. Their line offers various essentials, ranging from everyday casual wear to on-trend pieces that add a ‘pop’ to your wardrobe. Their mission to create fashion-forward pieces that flatter and embrace curves makes them a popular choice.

Time and Tru

Time and Tru is Walmart’s trendy women’s brand focusing on delivering chic, comfortable clothing that resonates with the modern woman. From chic blouses and stylish jeggings to cozy sweaters and comfortable footwear, Time and Tru is loved for its impressive variety and quality.

EV1 from Ellen DeGeneres

EV1 is a collaboration between Walmart and Ellen DeGeneres, offering a range of clothing that exemplifies love and inclusivity. The line focuses on comfortable, casual wear, and incorporates Ellen’s personal style and optimistic personality. EV1 includes women’s wear, sneakers, accessories, and pet apparel.

No Boundaries (NoBo)

Popular amongst the younger demographic, No Boundaries, dubbed NoBo, offers vibrantly colored apparels and leisure wear. Its broad range of contemporary clothing and accessories such as denim jackets, graphic tees, leggings, and backpacks make it a favorite among teens and young adults.

Athletic Works

Athletic Works is Walmart’s answer to affordable, quality activewear. Offering clothing for men, women, and children, the brand incorporates modern design, premium quality material, and up-to-date athletic trends to help keep you comfortable and stylish during workouts.

Swiss Tech

For those who love the outdoors, Swiss Tech delivers high-performance outerwear. With its durable materials, stylish design, and advanced technology elements, Swiss Tech offers clothes that are fit for adventure and harsh weather conditions.


Walmart’s diverse range of clothing brands makes it a one-stop shopping destination for every clothing need. Whether you are looking for everyday essentials, on-trend seasonal pieces, workout gear, or outdoor attire, Walmart has something for everyone. Each brand is unique in its offerings and ensures great quality without breaking the bank, proving that stylish, high-quality clothing doesn’t always come with a steep price tag.


1. Can Walmart clothes be purchased online?

Yes, Walmart offers online shopping and delivery for its full range of products, including clothes.

2. What is Walmart’s return policy on clothing?

Walmart accepts returns on clothing within 90 days of purchase. Items should be in original condition with tags attached.

3. Do Walmart’s clothing brands cater to all sizes?

Yes, by offering inclusive brands like Terra & Sky, Walmart ensures that it caters to all sizes.

4. Can I find designer collections at Walmart?

Yes, Walmart has collaborated with designers and celebrities read, like Ellen DeGeneres, for exclusive collections.

5. Are Walmart brands environmentally friendly?

Walmart offers several sustainable options and has made commitments to increase its sustainability efforts in recent years.

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